Millionaires World

Millionaires Worldwide is the progressive output of Vestige Marketing Private Limited. After 8 years of successful implementation of the Vestige Business Plan; Millionaires Worldwide Group was launched under the joint ownership of Dipal and Nilesh Patrawala. Having experienced the concept of earn money from home, they decided to share their success.

Vestige and Millionaires

Dipal and Nilesh Patrawala place health as a priority for enjoying a beautiful life. They create teams that focus on family life, health and wealth.
They ensure that physical health is the strong foundation of their network while business acumen ensures intellectual progress. Their journey from rags to riches further broke emotional barriers and mind sets. They instilled faith in people when they created examples that evidenced that priorbackgrounds in network marketing business or a solid educational background isn’t necessary to excel in life.
They built confidence of their fellow teams and new trainees by showing them that they can also earn money from home without the limitation of geographic mobility. Why limit yourselves to receiving when life has a million things to offer was their mantra.The team encouraged people to join them, get trained, enhance networking skills, practice actively to lead by example and turn business with happiness.