Do you wish to experience scope for growth, pool resources and create a big business empire? Nilesh Patrawala is the man to approach for some solid guidance. A Bcom student with practical experience in the stock market,tremendous patience and an ear for knowledge sums up his humble attitude in a long successful journey. After a highly challenging and stressful career that developed an astute sense of anticipation and prediction,Nilesh could predict market trends successfully. He joined Vestige along with his wife Dipal Patrawala and created ripples in the field of Network marketing.

Nilesh Patrawala is the co-founder of Millionaires Worldwide and has personally developed advanced strategies in the Network Marketing Business with reference to prospecting, synergising, giving magnitude to expansion. His strategy encompasses the metropolitan areas, rural areas and the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. With over 20 years of experience in network marketing he could take new enthusiasts under his wing to propel them to achieve success.

Vestige and Network

When his wife Dipal ventured into the Network Marketing Business to earn money from home; he completely supported her and predicted the successful journey she would experience. Initially he joined her in her journey with Vestige as a Part Time Entrepreneur. Eventually he completely involved himself in the Network Marketing Business to ensure that all loose ends are tied up to seal the path they have taken. The network marketing business gave him the luxury of lesser stress and daily certainty. He could experience success financially while sharing information, training and recognition. Vestige Healthcare became a cause close to his heart as he believed that a healthy stress free heart beat goes a long way in building up the rhythm of success. His journey now allowed him a great scope for growth, appropriate apportion of resources and sharing a balanced life with his better half.

Network Marketing

Nilesh Patrawala is a man who got trained, experienced success and decided to give wings to his success by sharing it. After 20 years in the network marketing business he could take new enthusiasts under his wing to propel them to achieve success. Nilesh Patrawala is a man of many valuable words and those who are guided by them experience socio economic freedom of very high value. Nilesh believes that those who dare to dream must wake up to make it come true. The Network Marketing Business is his way of waking up the lives he touches to the bright new dawn of success. His venture Millionaires Worldwide ensures that that anyone who is a part of their visionary group, tastes success through guidance, education and mentoring.